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July Issue

Natural Detox Options
& True Prosperity

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Anti-Detox—A New View of Detoxification

Eating real whole organic foods helps us naturally cleanse over time.

The Need to Detox

Dr. Paul Stallone describes how toxins are detrimental to our health and what we can do to prevent or reduce their impact.

A Simple Approach to Detox

Cleansing the body should focus on the intestinal tract and liver, says Brendan Gaughran.

A Regenerative Technique for Chronic Pain

The Bonacci Method is a multimodal option for natural pain relief.

Feeding Felines for Wellness

Andrea Sobotka encourages a holistic, species-appropriate diet for best results.
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Dogs Need Detoxing Too

10 Ways to Detox Your Dog
Steps such as altering a dog’s diet and adding key supplements will restore mental and physical energies, restore the shine in their eyes and the luster in their coat.

Maria Rodale Helps Organic Farmers Succeed

To spur consumer demand and help farmers, the Rodale Institute performs top-quality research on the benefits of eating organic foods and optimal farming methods.

An Awesome Antidote to Polarization

In these black-versus-white days of civic discord, awe opens us up to fresh views and the value of respectful, harmonious living.

Four Reasons to Break a Sweat

The Fast Path to Flushing Toxins
Pesticide, plastic phthalate, heavy metal and BPA chemicals efficiently exit our body when we perspire during a workout, sauna or sunny walk.
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News Briefs

Finding A Spiritual Master

Two local workshops available based on Flying With Dragons, the newest book from Master Stephen Colwell.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Center is On The Move

Dr. Andrew Dickens has moved his Dayspring Cancer Clinic.

Scottsdale Company Launches ProlifeStream

This synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids enables daily detoxification.

Clean Air is Healthy Air

Air Quality Specialists helps Valley residents breathe cleaner air.

Solve the Puzzle of Chronic Pain

Physical therapist Mary Peterson is offering free 20 minute phone consultations.

Get to the Bottom of Thyroid Issues

Dr. Dylan Foster is offering a free ebook to discover the likely reasons by "thyroid symptoms."

Yoga with a Social Conscience

Enjoy a wide variety of yoga classes in Scottsdale.

What to Know About Ozone Therapy

Dr. Melanie Icard says it can disinfect, treat disease, heal and detoxify the human body and more.

Natural Detox and Dentistry

Mercury fillings should be addressed as part of a detox program, says holistic dentist Dr. Nicholas Meyer.

A Course in Mindfulness

A four-week Summer Immersion into Mindfulness series begins July 22 in Scottsdale.

Calling All Healers to Sedona’s Red Rocks

Three illuminating retreats to be held this Fall.

Transforming Body, Mind and Soul

Enjoy healthy living services in Laveen.
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Bee Killers

Neonic Pesticides Again Linked to Decline

Last Call

Endangered Species Protection Act May Go Extinct

Astonishing Agriculture

Food Grows Without Soil or Groundwater

Species Die-Off

Animals that Are No More

Robot Janitors

Floating Trash-Eaters Clean Up Baltimore Harbor

Healthy Holdover

Kitchen Garden Stays at White House
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Coal Phase-Out Boosts Health

Benefits of Reduced Air Pollution

Unique Inflamed Gut Linked to Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers' Findings Raise Hopes for Treatment

Tax and Pricing Policies Spur Healthier Eating

Correlation Between Diet and Food Costs

Post-Stroke Exercise Improves Brain Function

Physical Activity Helps Survivors

Tart Cherry Aids Runner Performance

Improves Times, Decreases Inflammation

Colicky Babies Respond to Acupuncture

Solution to Help Reduce Crying

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