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August Issue

Rethinking Cancer &
Reframing Autism

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Special Massage Considerations for Cancer Patients

Special training in oncology massage and medical massage delivers more relief, according to these local providers.

Holistic Healing Tools to Survive Cancer

A Mindfulness Life Center's Julie Lemerond shows us how mindfulness can be extremely valuable.

A Modern Metabolic Interpretation of Cancer

Dr. Mel Schottenstein of An Oasis of Healing discusses how this helps with one's treatment plan.

Sleep, Stress and Adrenal Fatigue Misconceptions

Addressing these contributing factors can provide more effective relief, says Liver Medic's Brendan Gaughran.

Defining What is Really Gluten-Free

The label may not be completely accurate, and LynnRae Ries tells us what to look out for.

Redefining Detox

Ray Florio of Spirit Bar discusses the importance of seasonal detoxes and regular cleansing.

Surprising Sources of Summer Allergies

Detoxing can help reduce symptoms, says Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis.

We Can Be Part of Our Own Cancer Team

Dr. Paul Stallone describes how to be an active participant in one's treatment plan.
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Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Five Solutions for Sleep Apnea
If you seldom feel rested upon awakening, simple strategies from diet to sleep position can help overcome what may be an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea.

Create a Love Nest

Set Out a Welcome Mat for a Soulmate
Clearing out your home physically and psychically opens up space for the love of your life to walk in the door.

Help for Injured Wildlife

Caring Rehab Gives Them a Second Chance
Wildlife rehabilitation centers across the country are providing help to lost, injured or orphaned animals in need of care.

Live Cancer-Free

Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Cancer
Understanding cancer’s physiological and emotional roots gives us powerful tools to build a life free of the disease and related fears.
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News Briefs

Body Balancing with Kinesiology

Balancing muscle energy helps the body to recover.

Natural Formula Holds Promise for Autism

ADD-care is an all-natural supplement that can help with ADD/ADHD and Autism.

Solutions for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Oral appliance therapy is a proven less-invasive treatment.

Healing Chemotherapy Damage with Stem Cells

Intravenous stem cell IV therapy can help.

New Kadampa Center Grand Canyon Retreat Near Flagstaff

Study and participate in meditation programs in modern Kadampa Buddhism.

Afterlife Symposium in Scottsdale

This September 15-17 event features 33 experts in afterlife and consciousness studies.

Heart and Brain Coherence to Reduce Stress

The Power of Thought and Emotion workshop is offered August 18.

Sample this New, Positive Musical Movement

Conscious music Posi-Palooza! takes place September 10.

Learn the Tom Bird Method to Write and Revise a Book in His New Format

The Fast Track Retreat allows one to write their book in a small group author retreat.

Exclusive Yoga Teacher Training at Zen Yoga

This 200-hour yoga teacher training starts in September.
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Accepted Misfits

Ugly Produce Gains Status

Orca Finale

Sea Mammals Freed from Showtime

Tuna Turnaround

Lower Mercury Levels Tied to Drop in Coal Emissions

Buzzing RoboBees

Tiny Robots Seen as Tech Fix for Reduced Bee Population

Tea Time

Citizen Scientists Needed for Carbon Storage Experiment

Nature Rights

Waterways Granted Personhood
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Sufficient Sleep Supports Immunity

Stay Healthy with Adequate Rest

Massage Relieves Chronic Back Pain

Study Finds Effectiveness

Eating Fruit Lowers Cardiac Risk

Keep the Heart Healthy with a Serving a Day

Chinese Fungi Relieve Asthma Suffering

Naturally Improves Lung Health

Meditating Raises Spirits More than a Vacation

More Effective at Reducing Stress

Natural Sounds Soothe the Brain

Soundscapes to Relax the Mind

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