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Waking Up from Our Complacency

Western medicine needs to focus more on preventable solutions and not treating symptoms, says Dr. Harlan Sparer.

Phoenix is On the Move: Health and Wellness Businesses Debut

As local economic growth takes off again, new businesses focused on healthy and holistic living are opening their doors.

Reduce Fat Without Surgery

Here's a proven, natural method for reducing fat and tightening skin without surgery, says Carl Mudd.

Toxins Everywhere but Manageable

Here's how to identify and minimize hidden toxins in one's home, says Dr. Katka Novakova.

Don’t Assume All Problems Come from Yeast

Understanding the underlying issue of a yeast infection is paramount for effective treatment, says Dr. Paul Stallone.

Innovations in Coping with Domestic Violence at Sojourner

The nonprofit has launched a pet shelter program and begun formal screenings for and treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

Sleep Choices and Women’s Health

Learn how to experience deep, restful sleep, from the physicians at Koala Center for Sleep Disorders.

The Benefits of Professional Coaching

Learn how coaching helps enable a more productive and happier life, says Zen Benefiel.

Nutrition Tips to Boost Fertility

Preparing to carry a baby requires a dedicated approach to nutrition, says Dr. Amanda Roberson at SCNM Medical Center.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Eases Menopause

Dr. Barrie Ann Zeller discusses why BHRT may be of considerable help.
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Archive »Features

Facial Fitness

Exercises to Tone Your Face and Neck
Crows’ feet and wrinkles need not mark the passage of years; just follow these easy DIY routines.

Seniors, Teens and Tykes

Enriching Programs Unite the Generations
Booming numbers of both seniors and youngsters offer new opportunities for the two generations to learn from each other.

Stressed-Out Pets

Natural Ways to Calm Fear and Anxiety
Life as a beloved American pet might seem ideal, but 70 million of our cats and dogs are medicated for anxiety and depression.

Spark Up Your Love Life

Natural Ways to Boost Libido
If you’re among the two out of five women that feel they simply lack sex drive, some simple approaches can get a lagging libido back into action.
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News Briefs

Dr. Mark Starr Book Signing and Fundraiser

His new book, SOLVED, The Riddle of Alzheimer's Disease, documents how Alzheimer's disease is directly linked to deficiencies of our own natural hormones.

Try the AcuGraph For Free

This advanced acupuncture tool provides greater insight for patients and practitioners, available at Natural Medicine & Detox in Phoenix.

Innovative Migraine Relief Now Available

Dr. Kyle Collins of Begin Within Family Wellness describes how treating upper cervical spine issues can help.

New Perspectives on Fibromyalgia

Kenneth Muhich, DC, shares his 25 years' experience in treating fibromyalgia through free weekly talks, as well as proven protocols and a recent book.

Embrace Your Journey Expo

Explore, learn and grow while meeting practitioners and experiencing new services June 12.

Public Input Needed to Assess New Lighting Program

The city of Phoenix is replacing its street lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Half Off a Myers IV Cocktail at ChelationCare

This special offer is extended to anyone inquiring about ChelationCare's many IV therapy services.

Tom Bird Brings Out The Best Seller in You

This weekend retreat provides the inspiration and instruction on writing a best seller book, taught by the "book whisperer" Tom Bird.

Lynn Andrews to Host Joshua Tree Gathering

Discover your soul's history at this May 27 to 29 conference.

YMEDICA 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

YMEDICA seeks to establish yoga as a standard healthcare tactic and is conducting comprehensive training starting May 20.

Remove Blockages to Emotional and Physical Issues

Sally Trautner employs Universal White Time Healing for healing the past, present and future.

Probiotics for the Entire Home

Organic Living, in Phoenix, now offers whole house systems, room systems and sprays.

Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Course in Albuquerque

Attend the 500-hour accelerated certification course taught by Hypnotherapy Academy.
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Natural Awakenings Family of Franchises Keeps Growing

Fouled Play

Toxic GMO Pesticides Drift Near Athletic Fields

Goat Groundskeepers

A Chew Crew Gobbles Up Invasive Species

Noisy Humans

Man-Made Clatter Muffles Nature’s Chorus

Salmon Scam

Farmed Fish Mislabeled as Wild-Caught

Mm-mm Good

Campbell’s Endorses GMO Labeling
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Magnesium Improves Childbirth for Mother and Newborn

Reduces Fevers and Complications

Legumes Keep Colorectal Cancer at Bay

Nuts and Beans for Colon Health

Red Clover Guards against Menopausal Bone Loss

Supplement for Osteopathic Health

Purpose and Meaning Help Seniors Live Longer

Connection to Longevity

Staying Active Relates to Healthy Hearing

Another Reason to Keep Fit

Cotton Hygiene Items Contaminated with Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Health Products Contain Probable Carcinogen

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