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March Edition

Food Sensitivities
& Holistic Eye Care

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All-Inclusive, All-Natural Healing Retreats in South America

Enjoy physical and spiritual rejuvenation in these conscious travel packages to Ecuador and Peru, hosted by Alive and Revive.

Losing Weight for Good Without Deprivation

Creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle is more effective than quick fixes, says Jennifer McKee.

Macrobiotic Diet Avoids Inflammation

Incorporating cooked beans and legumes, whole grains and leafy vegetables helps support one's diet, says Tracy Minton-Matesz.

Solving the Puzzle of Lyme Disease

Correctly diagnosing Lyme disease should always include testing for co-infections, says Dr. Paul Stallone.

Try Dream Incubation for Health and Balance

Dreams can provide powerful insights when their symbolic content is observed, says Kelly Lydick.
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Archive »Features

Thumbs-Up on Fats

Good Fat Doesn’t Make Us Fat
Fat used to be the nemesis of good nutrition, but the latest research overturns that theory: The right fats actually keep us thin without harming our hearts.

Hello Gyro

Workouts Use Natural Body Patterns
Gyrotonic exercise, the latest trend in fitness studios, uses special equipment to enable smooth, circular motions that make the body more fluid and supple.

Forever Green

Eco-Burial Options Grow
The latest creative and Earth-friendly options include converting remains into tree planters, jewelry, ocean reefs and even vinyl records.

Fearless Eating

How to Move Past Food Sensitivities
The queasy stomach, brain fog or food cravings we’re experiencing might be caused by food sensitivities and a leaky gut—but there are some practical, simple solutions.
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News Briefs

McLean Publishes New Book on the Power of Attention

Sarah McLean's new work is about taking charge of how we pay attention.

Garden on the Go

PHX Renews has moved to 18th Avenue and Pierson Street, in Phoenix.

Martial Arts for the Whole Family

Villari's Martial Arts Centers opens in Scottsdale.

Discover Western Mystical Secrets

David Goddard offers an empowering weekend retreat in March.

The Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl demystifies the healing process.
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Botanical Breakthrough

Oregano Oil Proves a Safe Antibiotic for Poultry

Clean Jeans

Laundry Machines Boost School Attendance

Raw Hide

A Veggie Leather Alternative

Toxic Crops

Oil Wastewater Irrigating California Fields

Junior Achievement

Take the Kids to Work

Bag Ban

California Outlaws Single-Use Plastic Bags
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No Benefit to Cutting Fat in Cheese

Does Not Affect Cholesterol Levels

Kids Going Online at Bedtime Sleep Poorly

Issues with Electronic Use at Night

The Five-Second Rule Debunked

Researchers Disprove the Thought

Veggie, Fish and Nut Fats Preserve Heart Health

Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Eye Health Nutrients Also Aid the Brain

Double Benefit to Key Carotenoids

Stress and Fatigue Abate with Combo Supplement

Nutrients to Help Reduce Anxiety and Tiredness

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