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February Edition

Conscious Dying &
Children’s Dental Health

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Unique Approaches to Optimal Health

Understanding one's overall susceptibility plays a significant role in healthy living, says Dr. Ben Zorensky.

The Silver Bullet

The answer to better health lies within each of us, says Dr. Katka Novakova.

Oral Sleep Appliances Decrease Heart Attack Risk

Fewer than 10 percent of sleep apnea sufferers know they have it and are prone to health challenges, says Dr. Beth Hamann.

Understanding the Flu Makes Treatment Easier

Over the counter medications may delay recovery, says Dr. Paul Stallone.

Expanded Sedona Yoga Festival Serves the Whole Family

Undertake a personal evolution using yoga and expanded consciousness at this March 9 through 12 event.

Paying Attention Pays Dividends

One's attention, once it is focused, has the power to change our lives and the lives of others around us, says Sarah McLean.
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Archive »Features

Transforming the Way Women Relate to Men

An Interview with Alison Armstrong
Approaching our differences with openness and curiosity rather than assumptions opens up true communication.

Fit For Life

How to Stay Healthy, Flexible and Strong
The human body is designed to wear well at least through age 70, and with the right exercise, diet and activities, we can push that number higher.

In the O-Zone

Oxygen Therapy Heals a Host of Ills
In effectively treating everything from infections to Lyme disease to herniated disks, ozone therapy is proving its value to patients in more than 50 countries.

Sacred Passage

Conscious Dying as a Transformative Healing Journey
By being deeply attentive, we can turn the dying process of ourselves and others into a profoundly moving, loving and more peaceful experience.
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News Briefs

Viviane Chauvet is a Holographic Intuitive Healer

Sound therapy is integrated to effectively heal and align body, mind and soul.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Classes Forming

Mindfulness-based stress reduction has shown clinically significant effects for those dealing with daily life stress, chronic pain and much more, says Genevieve Tregor.

New Holistic Dentist in Scottsdale

Dr. Jason Jones opened up the doors to his new practice Pure Smiles Center for Advanced Dentistry.

Natural Relaxation in a Dental Experience

Millennium Dental Associates, in Scottsdale, offer this new high-tech, natural relaxation therapy.

Organic Sleep Makes for Sweeter Dreams

Skip the chemicals and sleep naturally with organic mattresses at Organic Living in Phoenix.

The Poetry of Healing with Pam Sears

She has published a new book and is appearing at a book signing February 19.

A Natural Solution to Sleep Apnea

Herbs such as lobelia, thyme and camp bark may help, says Natures Rite Remedies.

Receive Metabolic Testing to Discover Hidden Health Factors

Have a better understanding of one's cardiovascular and metabolic needs.

Tips on Reversing Serious Eye Ailments from Noted Ophthalmologist

Dr. Edward Kondrot is hosting two special events and providing treatments to reverse macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma, in March.

Take a Tour of Architectural History

The Willo Home Tour takes place in Phoenix's largest historic neighborhood February 12.
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Heave Ho

Abandoned and Lost Fishing Gear Pollutes the Seas

Free Fuel

Hydrogen Conversion From Water Making Gains

Veggie Tales

Plants Communicate with Sound

Fungus Among Us

Genetically Altered Mushrooms Approved for Consumption

Watch the Birdie

Selfies Promote Animal Cruelty and Death

Repurposed Pallets

Texas Company Turns Wood Waste into Furniture
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Infants Breathing Bad Air May Suffer as Teens

Study Links Air Pollutants to Lung Function

Reflexology and Imagery Relieve Preoperative Anxiety

Complementary Medicine Reduces Stress Before Surgery

Chinese Herbs Lessen Postpartum Blues

Safe, Effective Remedy

Fortified Foods Cut Into Supplement Use

Adults Turning to Added Nutrients

Aloe Vera Juice Allays Diabetes

Reduces Fasting Blood Glucose

Fenugreek Eases Menopause

Extract Provides Relief for Symptoms

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