Ab-Sutra Offers Yoga, Personal Training and Tai Chi

Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness provides clients with the knowledge and the techniques to make sound, indispensible lifestyle choices that lead to attaining and maintaining the best of physical and mental health. Drawing from a multi-disciplinary background, instructors guarantee that each program is tailor-made to assist the individual client in meeting their goals.

The particular focus of Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness Coaches, LLC is to bring clients to a more functional state. Specifically, programs are tailored so that clients are not only stronger but functionally so. The connection between the intention and the core is established by functionally strengthening the core musculature. Ab-Sutra is about mind/body connection. When the mind and body work in unison, then there are no physical or mental limitations.

Ab-Sutra Yoga introduces yoga asanas, alignment and breathing to the practitioner to help develop body awareness. With continued effort, a basic yoga practice evolves to deep core work and the development of greater strength and flexibility. Additional benefits of Ab-Sutra Yoga include weight loss, stress relief and release of impurities from the body.

For more information, call 480-247-2502 or visit AbSutraFitness.com.

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