Letter from The Publisher

Over the years, I’ve gotten away from using mainstream products for my hair, skin, laundry and cleaning. I remember the days when I would clean the floors with harsh pine-scented cleaners. I would go out for the afternoon, and when I returned I would almost be knocked over by the smell!

Since I started using natural products, I’ve noticed a big difference in the aroma of the house. I didn’t realize all of the chemical smells that co-mingled throughout our abode until I stopped using these “regular” products.

I’m working on my husband, who still likes his smelly commercial soap. The other night, I woke up thinking, “Hmmm, I smell a chemical soapy odor,” and it was the smell of his soap emanating from our master bathroom! Apparently, we have so few fake fumes floating around, that even the slightest hint seems strong.

And it’s not only inside the house that’s a problem. Dryer sheets share their stinky scent with the world. I remember back when I still used them—I’d take my dog out in the front yard in the evening and instead of smelling the flowers and spruce trees, all I could smell was the dryer sheet! Now, I pour a little vinegar in the wash; it works great, and there’s no need for those evil little sheets.

As a final note, I quit using regular laundry detergent years ago. In the beginning, it was because I was worried how much it must bother my dogs with their keen noses. I started with unscented mainstream brands, and then progressed to natural products. After reading one of the local articles in this issue on soap berries (see page 20), I may have to give them a try—I’m intrigued!

I hope you enjoy this issue of Natural Awakenings. As always, please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or questions. This is your magazine—enjoy!




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Letter from The Publisher

The articles in Natural Awakenings always seem to bring me back to days gone by, and this month’s feature on organic farmers (see page 20) is no exception.

Letter from The Publisher

First and foremost, I must mention that in the article on page 36, I noticed that Phoenix and Tucson are two of the top 10 dog-friendly U.S. cities.

Letter from The Publisher

I was reading the article in this month’s Natural Pet section titled “Five Reasons to Love a Cat,” and came up with a sixth—entertainment! When I was growing up, we had an array of cats, and they always gave us a good laugh.

Letter from The Publisher

My first love affair with real ethnic food began in the ‘80s, when the first Vietnamese food restaurant came to the city I was living in, and luckily, a few blocks from where I was working downtown.

Letter from The Publisher

As I was reading the article in this issue on exercise balls, I was reminded of some fun experiences I’ve had with these large “beachy” balls. I used to ride horses, dressage specifically. Years ago, I took a workshop intended to help with balance and core strengthening for dressage riding.