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Anti-Detox—A New View of Detoxification

Eating real whole organic foods helps us naturally cleanse over time.

Tips for a Nutritional Gluten-Free Life

Healthy choices are more doable than ever.

How to Stop Sabotaging Weight Loss Efforts

Gradual lifestyle changes make a big difference in sustainable weight loss, says integrative nutrition health coach Jennifer McKee.

Spirit Bar: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Spirit Bar Organic Cafe offers healthy eating and holistic health services, in Gilbert.

Losing Weight for Good Without Deprivation

Creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle is more effective than quick fixes, says Jennifer McKee.
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Scottsdale Company Launches ProlifeStream

This synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids enables daily detoxification.

Transforming Body, Mind and Soul

Enjoy healthy living services in Laveen.

Macrobiotic Coaching Goes Beyond Diet Alone

Tracy Minton offers counseling on macrobiotic principles, foods, cooking techniques and more to best support health.

Garden on the Go

PHX Renews has moved to 18th Avenue and Pierson Street, in Phoenix.
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Eat Well Features

Backyard Gardening

How to Get a Lot From Your Plot
Whether this is your first year growing a kitchen garden or your thumb glows green from years of use, it’s possible to quickly turn dreams of bountiful organic harvests into a reality.

A Flexitarian Diet for a Flexible Life

On Your Mark, Get Set, Flex
There’s a new term in town, ‘flexitarian’, which gives us a handle on what many of us are likely doing anyway; we are inclined to eat less meat and more plant foods, but not ready to completely give up chicken or the occasional burger.

Nutrition for Breast Health

Food Choices are Big Factor in Preventative Breast Health
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, prompting many studies about the possibilities for preventive breast health through a healthy lifestyle that incorporates good nutrition and regular exercise.

The Edible Schoolyard

Revolutionizing Classes and Cuisine Across America
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may be a lunchtime mainstay for many schoolchildren—along with other cafeteria fare of questionable nutrition and taste. Or worse, soda, snacks and candy from a hallway vending machine. But better, more healthy alternatives are on the horizon, thanks in part to the vision of renowned restaurateur Alice Waters.

Satisfying Summer Smoothies

Get a Whole Day's Fruit Quota in One Delicious Shake-me-up
Fruit smoothies have come of age and gone main stream to the point that they now rival coffees as a daily drink of choice. They’re quick, portable, filling and, of course, naturally nutritious.
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Eat Well Briefs

Tax and Pricing Policies Spur Healthier Eating

Correlation Between Diet and Food Costs

Astonishing Agriculture

Food Grows Without Soil or Groundwater

Rigged Research

GMO Studies Compromised by Conflicts of Interest

Beverage Battle

Water Overtakes Sweet Sodas

Ginger Relieves Infected Root Canals

Natural Oral Health Treatment

Safe and Smart

Clarity for Expiration Dates on Food