Letter from The Publisher

Tracy Patterson

Last January, I decided that I needed something to get my creative juices flowing. I had been reviewing too many scientific articles and not having enough fun with words, so I found a creative writing class to help solve this problem. I would like to share one of my favorite assignments. It involved choosing a color and writing a little masterpiece of no more than 250 words in first person—we were to “be” the color.

To help visualize our choices and give us focus, we were asked to select an example of our color, such as a flower or an article of clothing, and then expand from a basic color such as yellow or brown to farm-fresh egg yolk yellow or wheat fields in the fall brown. I chose something that many of you in Arizona might appreciate, I hope you like it!

The Color of Rock

I am millions of years old, formed from the oxidation of iron in what was once mud and sand, and is now sandstone. I am as one with this rock.

I am evasive, the brilliant orange and red at sunset, and the subtle, flat burgundy of the shadows.

I am under your feet as you hike, and at your side as you move through a canyon. Yet there is always a sharp contrast between me and the brilliant deep blue beyond. Never confusing, always distinct and comforting.

I am so old that you can sense others who walked before you over the centuries. I am so strong that you can feel my energy, my scent, my wisdom.  

My ancient tints are in paints, pottery, jewelry, dyes. I am the glow in roads, sidewalks, houses.

I fill every crevice of your being until you actually feel that you are me—a glowing, healthy pink—one of my many hues.  

If you encounter me once, you will feel compelled to return.

It is a very fun exercise, and one that some of you might like to try to kick-start your creativity in the new year. And speaking of creativity, our Natural Awakenings national team has been working hard to bring a new look to the magazine. The fresh, crisp design is amazing!

A very “Happy New Year” to everyone. Please, always feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or questions. This is your magazine. Enjoy!




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