A Course in Mindfulness

A Mindfulness Life Center, in Scottsdale, is offering a four-week Summer Immersion into Mindfulness series with Jackie Price from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays, beginning July 22 through August 12. It will be of benefit for those that are tired of feeling distracted and pulled in different directions. Mindfulness can teach simple skills that will allow people to feel like they are living life to the fullest.

The series shows participants how to practice mindfulness to minimize the effects of stress and maximize their capacity for happiness by developing and maintaining a personal practice and applying it daily.

A Mindfulness Life Center is a safe, open-hearted community for those seeking less stress and greater fulfillment in their everyday lives. Their aim is to introduce simple, time-proven practices, techniques and experiences that transform and enhance lives.

Cost is $175. Location: 10309 N. Scottsdale Rd., Bldg. A, Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-207-6016 or visit AMindfulnessLifeCenter.com.

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