Get to the Bottom of Thyroid Issues

Dr. Dylan Foster, president and clinical director of Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center, is offering a free ebook to discover the likely reasons behind “thyroid symptoms” that still occur despite receiving thyroid hormone therapy with normal test results.

In the book, Foster, a licensed chiropractic physician, functional wellness practitioner and national speaker, reveals why 90 percent of thyroid patients are virtually guaranteed to fail and get worse if thyroid replacement is the only treatment they get. He also explains why more women suffer from thyroid problems than men and suggests simple, natural practices to support health and improve thyroid symptoms.

Readers will discover why their lab tests may read normal but they still suffer with all the same thyroid symptoms; the number one cause of low thyroid and why it isn’t often tested for; and the truth about this condition and what steps to take immediately to start living fully again.

Location: 3305 E. Greenway Rd., Ste. 7, Phoenix. For appointments, call 602-866-3500. For more information, visit To download the book, visit

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