Natural Detox and Dentistry

Everyone needs to have a body detox at some time. There are the daily toxins such as the chemicals in our personal care products that enter our body and must be assisted in their elimination. There may also be other toxins that are already present in our body from the past, including pesticides and mercury from mercury amalgam restorations in our teeth.

The mercury has an interesting route of excretion from the body. It turns out that not everyone has the same capacity to offload it from the body. The protein known as Apo E has several forms. Depending on how we are coded by our genes, we may be able to have a good mercury detox process in our own cells and the mercury does not build up. If, however you have one of the other forms of the Apo E protein, our system will need help in removing this atom from the cells.

For specific, individual and comprehensive assistance in a full detox program, we must consult a qualified health care provider. It is known that mercury has an affinity for sulfur groups. These groups bind to it strongly and the body then can move the mercury out of the cells.

Foods that can assist this include cilantro. This fragrant herb can be taken raw, in salads, salsas or made into a pesto with olive oil. Cilantro has a number of sulfur groups that are available to bind mercury within the cells and help carry it out

A similar mechanism of action is seen in garlic. Many people know of the medicinal benefits of garlic with respect to colds and earaches, but this herb is an excellent chelator (binder) of mercury. They often say, “You are what you eat,” but it’s incredible to think that food can help detox the body from heavily toxic materials in our body. So go enjoy your next meal with these ingredients, knowing our body will be thanking us for it.

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