The Local Skinny on Yoga Bros

Local yoga instructors dish about men's yoga

Dr. Steven Sorr in the upward dog yoga pose.

Dr. Steven Sorr, a naturopathic physician, and a yoga instructor at the Village at DC Ranch and Sutra Studios, states, “My approach to movement of the human frame is to train through alignment, breath and mindfulness during the practice so that the student can take it off the mat. More and more guys are filling my classes within the past couple years. This has always been an intention of mine because men need yoga just as much as women do.

“Being a doctor, I infuse anatomy and physiology to empower my students to understand what is happening with their bodies and prevent injuries through good form and give modifications for those nursing an injury back to health.”

Steve PriceSteve Price, director of A Mindfulness Life Center, says, “Practiced mindfully, yoga helps guys cultivate the awareness to heal pretty much anything. Body and mind are inseparable. So when you master the mind, you can direct your energy in a way that keeps you healthy.

“Many of them tell me, often with tears in their eyes, that the practice has totally changed their lives. In our culture, men are conditioned to stuff their feelings and not be vulnerable, but it's in our vulnerability where the power lies.”

Will Zecco, public relations director for the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and co-owner of Yoga Rocks the Park, notes, “The benefits of yoga for men is multifaceted. Men typically do not take time for themselves. What I have found for myself is taking the time to practice has given me time that is just for me. It has helped me to be more focused which in turn has me more focused in my personal life and professional life. The little things that used to bother me no longer do. I sleep better, I feel better physically and emotionally.”

Isabelle Barter, a RYT-200, certified Yoga Tune-Up Teacher at Crossfit Arizona, CoreBalance Studio and Mountainside Fitness, explains, “Many of my male students state that they have increased their range of motion, especially in the shoulders and hips, and have improved mobility and flexibility.

“It is great that so many different styles of yoga are emerging, and as the practice is becoming more popular and approachable, there is room to discover a class that fits your personality and fitness level.”

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