Roosevelt Health Center to Open in Phoenix

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences (SCNM) recently opened a community clinic, the Roosevelt Health Center, at the George Brooks Sr. Community School, 3146 East Wier Avenue, in Phoenix.

Roosevelt is the 10th SCNM community clinic providing free healthcare in Maricopa County, and the most advanced facility to date. SCNM is dedicated to assessing the community’s needs and the health center’s impact on students’ educational and overall well-being.

The health center will provide free healthcare to the children and their families within the Roosevelt School District and play a vital role in naturopathic medical students’ clinical education, particularly developing their skills in primary care.

Children attending school in this district live in low-income areas where families have very few healthcare options. This leaves them in need of the basic medical services, which the Roosevelt Health Center will offer free of charge. The center’s design integrates conventional primary care facilities such as exam rooms, a laboratory and a medicinary (natural pharmacy), with a flexible community space for group visits.

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