Top Five Tips for Mom Boss Balance Yeule

More than half of all small businesses in the United States are home-based, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Moms are a key part of this trend, creating income and contributing to their community while having more time with their families. Yet, burnout is common among mom entrepreneurs as they strive to meet the demands and challenges of family life and business. In fact, only 50 percent of small businesses make it past the five-year mark (

Using these tips may help mom entrepreneurs balance their time, talents and energy, so everybody wins.

  1. Get clear on your vision. You created your business to make a difference in the world. Know your “big why”, which is not all about the money. It’s essential that your business lights you up, so it continues to feel worthwhile, even when challenging. Share your vision with others.
  2. Treat your business like you have another baby. It will require your time and attention to succeed, especially when it is first “born”. Your business, however, will experience greater longevity if you take your time “raising” it. Think of growing your business 1 percent a day, rather than being in a hurry. Also avoid comparing yourself to other mom entrepreneurs.
  3. Set up a schedule that supports your life (instead of wrapping your life around your schedule). Begin by setting time for self-care first, then vacations, and family priorities. After that, create your working schedule. As much as possible, stick to your schedule. If a truly urgent business issue arises, postpone instead of cancel those self-care activities and vacations—they are essential to your success!  
  4. Create clear boundaries. Actively raising children means that your schedule needs to be flexible. And you will need to say “no” to things not aligned with your priorities, at least for now. Examples might include volunteering, being at every single school event, or browsing social media.
  5. Receive support as well as money. Even though you may comfortably wear many hats, you will need support from others to truly grow. Whether it’s hiring a virtual assistant, trading childcare with a friend, or hiring a cleaning service, the more you can delegate, the more your vision can become reality. Investing in continuing education, coaching on your mindset, and mentorship are also key ways to help your business blossom.


Blue Russ is a board-certified health coach who made it past the five-year mark, and now mentors other healers (mostly moms) in running successful businesses. She has partnered with Jennifer Hoeprich, midwife and meditation teacher, to create a business retreat for moms in Arizona. For more information, visit



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