Free Organic Food from Daniel and Ingrid Hirtz

Fifty dollars’ worth of the ultimate positive, healthy, whole fast food—the magic ingredient for health—is available at no cost for new customers from My Green Gift because Daniel & Ingrid Hirtz want people to sample their product line.

They have been using whole food supplements for many years now, and have enjoyed such amazing vitality, energy and other health benefits that they want to share these products with others. According to Daniel, “Our bodies and minds thrive when we provide them with all of the necessary nutrients. These nutrients come from food; in particular, whole (unprocessed) foods.”

He knows that it can be challenging to consume the correct balance of nutrients due to the crazy pace of our busy lives. “That is why whole food supplements are a lifesaver,” says Ingrid. “Concentrated whole foods are now available as shakes that give you all the nutrients you need and are easy to prepare. They are also available in powder and capsules.”

All customers pay is the shipping cost and tax.

To get the free food, visit

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