Letter from Publisher

Happy Thanksgiving! I love the fall season, especially in Arizona. It’s the greatest feeling to break out of the heat of summer, feel the cool breeze of fall and look forward to a winter of sunny skies and mild temperatures. As I write this, I’m thinking that some of you born and raised here might even find the winters a little on the chilly side! I have a lot to be thankful for this year – good health, wonderful family and friends, a new magazine and a beautiful place to call home.

We like to spend Thanksgiving Day outdoors, and it’s challenging to make my time-consuming stuffing and wedge everything into the day while still eating at a reasonable hour. Every year, I decide that this is the year I will go stuffing-free, and every year I break down and make my homemade stuffing.

Last year, we wanted to go out and play for the day, so I finally said no to my traditional stuffing, and instead filled my free-range turkey with a handful of fresh, savory herbs and chunks of onion, apple, carrots and celery. Wow! It didn’t take as long to cook, and what a fresh, wonderful flavor!

The gravy was tasty too, fresh and light, and I used gluten-free flour, which worked very well. It was a great alternative to my usual long and involved bird preparation, but I will say that there’s also a good chance that I will be back to plucking, grating and sautéing my favorite stuffing again. I may even try one of the wonderful recipes in this edition!

I received a great comment from a reader about needing more products and services in the magazine from the West Valley, and I am going to be working on just that, expanding the content to cover more of Phoenix and the surrounding area, and also areas in Coconino and Yavapai counties such as Sedona, Flagstaff and Prescott. This will take a little time and some creative thought, but that is my goal.

Please, always feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or questions. This is your magazine - Enjoy!



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