Tantric Yoni Massage Aids Women’s Health

Tantric yoni massage has gained considerable acceptance today as a healing modality for women. Its effects are indeed far-reaching and in many ways, dramatic. It has been known to remove sexual, emotional and energetic blockages from the body and alleviate female health issues and dysfunctions. Where Western medicine sometimes falls short by treating the symptoms and not the root cause of an issue—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or psychosomatic—tantric yoni massage has proven its ability to heal women from the inside-out.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word used for the female genitalia, or vagina, an important part of the body in many ways. Eastern medicine sees the state of a woman’s yoni as emblematic of her general health and well-being. In other words, a woman’s outer physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual constitution is a direct reflection of the state of her inner world. The yoni is a powerful storage center for immense vital and potential energy.

Tantric Yoni Massage treatment protocol and subsequent outcomes can vary from therapist to therapist based on training, education and experience, but here are three fundamental components to expect from a skillful and trained tantric yoni massage practitioner.

An energetic focus: The term energy is a bit abstract and philosophical in nature. What is important to understand is that we all have energy centers located within our bodies that are commonly referred to as chakras. For most people, these centers function at a very low or minimal level and are not widely open or activated enough to be free-flowing channels of energy. In order for this latent energy to become a beneficial tool in love and in life, it needs an unimpeded pathway to move to and through. An adept practitioner will gently clear the path and arouse and harmonize the energy centers, which in turn, will harmonize the woman.

A harmonious releasing of blockages: Blockages can stem from varied roots, and their origin is often unknown. Because of this, they should be released in a carefully managed and mindful way. Hysterical and uncontrollable releases of a sizable nature can be more harmful than helpful and may further embed the blockage into the woman’s body. When the release is achieved by harmonious means, it can be incredibly liberating and healing. A woman can experience a restructuring of her entire being and immediately feel a sense of relief, joy and contentment.

Internal Yoni Massage: Following a whole-body tantric massage, a practitioner will then massage the yoni, internally, using specific techniques and pressing on precise pressure or reflexology points. By sensing the energy of the area and the state of the tissues, blockages can be detected and alleviated. Pleasurable effects can be experienced during this part of the session after multiple treatments.

It is important to note the intention and objective of a tantric yoni massage should be remedial and restorative not sexual or erotic. With these principles in mind, a woman can benefit from either a male or female therapist.

Tantric yoni massage can be used to treat ailments such as chronic cystitis, regular candida, endometriosis and severe menstrual symptoms, as well as common sexual difficulties such as lack of desire, frigidity, painful sex, an inability to experience pleasure or achieve orgasm and more. Women that are unimpaired and free from health challenges, however, may choose to benefit from this treatment by enhancing their sexual pleasure.

Tantric yoni massage benefits are said to include renewal and revitalization of the body, restoration of health, optimization of the energy channels within the body, releasing powerful stored energy for utilization, resensitizing the yoni and key areas of pleasure, eliminating blockages, increasing orgasmic potential and inspiring an overall sense of peace, fulfillment and happiness. Many women report remarkable internal and external transformation, a soul-opening bliss, feminine blossoming and a reshaping of their lives.

Tiffany Tanner is a certified therapist and teacher of tantra massage in North Phoenix. For more information, call 480-310-6448, email TiffanyTanner1@gmail.com.


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