Mahankirn Kaur to Lecture at Anahata Yoga

Anahata Yoga, Sound and Energy Healing will host Mahankirn Kaur presenting talks on Sat Nam Rasayan from noon to 6 p.m., September 23, and Mahboundlotus from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., September 24. She is the author of two books, Mah Boundlotus and Three Min Start.

Kaur, a Los Angeles-based global yogi and healer, was named as personal assistant to Yogi Bhajan, who trained her in the sacred art of healing with inner silence. She was then appointed as his personal healer until he died 10 years later.

Sat Nam Rasayan, a centuries-old meditation technique and healing art of kundalini yoga, is passively beneficial for patients and healers. Kaur says, “The self-healing powers of the body become activated and we are able to meet life in a more balanced and clear state.”

Bound Lotus is also known as Baddha Padmasana or psychic union pose, with roots in kundalini, ashtanga, and hatha yoga.

Location: 14148 N. 100th St., Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-699-9600 or visit

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