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The Evolution of Massage

The ancient healing practice of massage therapy is playing an important role today in the emerging golden age of complementary and alternative medicine.

Transforming Healthcare

Dr. Andrew Weil is pioneering a burgeoning new kind of medicine that many insist holds the answer to our nation’s healthcare woes.

Healing Rituals Around the World

Many of today’s healing rituals share a vital component. Each has a firm foundation in an ancient, respected healing modality that’s recently made its way back into our collective awareness.

Spice of Life

Members of the chile pepper family have added a kick of flavor to otherwise bland food for hundreds of years. These spicy dynamos not only make our tongues sizzle and our faces sweat, they also deliver an array of health benefits.


Reflexology, a natural approach to rebalancing and encouraging internal healing processes, could be just the boost that your body needs.

Boning Up

Millions of Americans either suffer from osteoporosis or have low bone mass and are at high risk for developing the disease. The main reason is simply underuse. Apply these tips to help improve your bone health.

Healthful Herbs

Herbs, whether prepared as extracts, infusions, compresses, poultices or tinctures, are ancient remedies garnering new public favor.


Practitioners believe that hypnotherapy can help an individual access their belief system anchored in the subconscious, a storehouse of memories, habitual self-talk and negative messages. Then, guided by professional counsel, the person is able to create new behavior patterns that help them reach their fullest potential.


The practice of stimulating the body to mend itself by generating a healing response from the immune system is an ancient one. In many modern integrative health therapies, some old ways from the days of Hippocrates have been made new again, often with a fresh twist of technique or technology.

Biological Dentistry

Biological dentists work closely with an array of healthcare professionals, ranging from nutritionists, chiropractors and bodyworkers to naturopaths and environmental physicians.