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Feel-Good Massage

Which form of massage is best? It depends on your personal preferences and the benefits you need, which may change from time to time. Natural Awakenings’ expert massage therapists discuss the most widely used techniques and offer tips to help you make the right choice.

Be Supplement Savvy

Try following these helpful guidelines and resources to help ensure the prudent use of supplements and obtain their maximum benefit.

Unexpected Upside

Cell phones and social media can benefit all ages. The key to making any technology a positive for family dynamics is to set rules at the outset and know when to unplug.

Powerful Energy Boosters

Fight low energy with these simple strategies and powerful mini-tune-ups that help keep spirits high.

Chiropractic Care

More than 100 techniques and endless permutations of adjustments and thrusts can be used to help bring the body back into alignment and health.

Functional Medicine

What is functional medicine, and how does it differ from traditional care? Discover how this evolutionary approach searches for and addresses all factors—environmental, nutritional, biochemical, emotional and social—that can underlie and create health symptoms and challenges.

Barefootin': It Grounds Us

Walking barefoot and establishing skin-to-ground contact—“earthing” or “grounding”—reconnects us with Earth’s energy for healing benefits.

Natural Summer Skin Care

Learn helpful ways to shield your skin from without—using chemical-free sunscreens and other tactics—and nourish it from within, by eating a protective diet.

Hormone Help for Guys

Men experience a middle-age change of life, too—low testosterone levels can affect health and well-being. Restorative, natural therapies offer rewarding benefits.

Anti-Aging Skincare

Look as young as you feel. Today’s woman can choose from an ever-growing collection of products and high-tech treatments to fight lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.