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An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Kids are glued to their devices, but they won’t be wasting time if they use new apps that teach them about healthy foods, emotional intelligence and the great outdoors.

Can-Do Kids

Children of all ages can learn the joy of giving and sharing by acting on these simple ideas.

Bring Back the Magic

By teaching kids to be wary of ads, lower their expectations for presents, and think first of others, we can introduce them to the meaningful, lasting joys the holidays offer.

Trick & Treat

From natural gelatin dyes and safe face-painting to healthier cat-and-scarecrow-shaped pizzas, there’s lots of ways to create a planet-friendly and funtastic Halloween for kids.

Mindfulness for Little Ones

Even little ones can learn to breathe deep, make sense of their emotions and enjoy regular quiet time.

Schools that Rock

Fresh educational approaches offer kids a rich array of hands-on experiential learning—everything from knitting to designing shoes that walk on water.

Learning that Transforms Hearts and Minds

A pioneering approach to learning and problem-solving known as Transformative Education is having profound impacts in communities worldwide.

Super-Immunity for Kids

We all know that kids need fruit and veggies but there’s much more to building strong bodies, including probiotics, daily sun and laughing a lot.

Camping Turns Kids into Nature Lovers

To unplug kids from a screen, entice them with successful strategies like fun campouts, zoo overnights and nature scavenger hunts.


Learning to paddle a board while standing up builds skills and thrills for children from preschoolers on up.