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Pedaling Pleasure

May is National Bike Month—browse these tips, suggestions and resources that help you choose your ideal wheels.

Forest Bathing

We all innately know that spending time in nature is good for our body, mind and spirit. Now, medical researchers and scientists are discovering just how powerful forest walks can be.

Step into Fitness

Create a beautifully strong and flexible body by moving to a musical beat.

Exercise to Beat the Blues

During winter, we tend to feel sluggish, fatigued and blue. Getting off the couch and becoming active is the best natural antidote.

Pilates for Weight Loss

This gentle practice, long revered by dancers, can help build and maintain lean muscle mass, promote elegant posture and keep you centered.

Our Worst Fitness Habits

How you work out makes all the difference in staying safe, seeing better results and keeping your body balanced. Here’s how to avoid sabotaging your fitness routine.

Back-Friendly Travel

Chiropractors, often called upon to undo the damages of travel, understand its causes and offer informative tips to help us avoid the pains and strains of getting from here to there.

Aligning for Fitness

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are discovering how chiropractic care, which supports healthy structure and functioning of the skeletal and muscular systems, goes beyond rehabilitation benefits to also enhance performance.

Sound Yoga Practices

The consciously positive singer/songwriter and environmental activist Michael Franti has been practicing yoga for 11 years.

Natural Awakenings Yoga Guide

Yoga, a holistic art and practice that originated some 5,000 years ago in India, aims to integrate mind, body and spirit and offers healthful benefits to individuals of every age and physical condition. This guide offers a brief introduction to the many styles of yoga that are being taught today.