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Unsafe Playfields

Athletes suffer more injuries on artificial turf, and now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has called for new studies to determine if links exist between synthetic surfaces and cancer in young athletes.

Tai Chi Eases Effects of Chronic Disease

A review of 33 studies found that Tai Chi reduces depression and muscle stiffness and increases well-being for patients with some chronic conditions.

Yoga Boosts Brain Gray Matter

Compared to chronic-pain patients, yoga practitioners have more desirable grey matter in key brain regions, Duke researchers report.

Daily Exercise Adds Five Years to Life

Just 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise six days a week reduced risk of early mortality by 40 percent for men during a four-decade Norwegian study.

To Get Healthy, Get a Healthy Partner

Having a spouse or life partner that quits smoking or starts exercising boosts our chances of doing the same.

Persistent Pacers

In a study of 131 marathons, Danish researchers found that women keep a steadier pace and that both men and women could avoid “burn out” by starting slower.

The Color Green Makes Exercise Feel Easier

Exercisers shown videos predominantly green, red or grey in tone while cycling did best with green, reporting that it raised their mood and made the activity less laborious.

Body Symmetry Correlates with Male Strength

German men whose left and right sides match in measurements were found to have stronger handgrips. Facial symmetry suggests additional benefits.

Treadmill Desks Boost Job Performance

A yearlong study found that treadmill work-desks boosted job performance in the view of both workers and their bosses.

Yoga Boosts Hearts, Shrinks Waistlines

German scientists reviewing 44 studies concluded that hatha yoga improves blood pressure and other markers of heart health while also reducing waist circumference.