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Eat Locally and Seasonally with Wisdom from Around the World

People inhabiting Blue Zones—places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on Earth, such as Okinawa, the Nicoya Peninsula, and Sardinia—naturally eat local and seasonal foods.

Sweet Potatoes Offer Significant Health Benefits

Discover the many health benefits of sweet potatoes.

Diabetes, Weight Gain and Alzheimer’s

Diabetes mellitus is among the most prevalent and morbid chronic diseases.

Gluten-Free or Allergen-Free Dining Tips in a Restaurant

Dining out gluten-free or with food allergies can be challenging.

Defining What is Really Gluten-Free

Anti-Detox—A New View of Detoxification

Tips for a Nutritional Gluten-Free Life

How to Stop Sabotaging Weight Loss Efforts

Spirit Bar: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Losing Weight for Good Without Deprivation