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Natural Motherhood

By making wise choices starting with diet and exercise, a mom-to-be can claim the gentle, joyous birth she wants for her baby.

The Joys of Grandparenting

We can be truly terrific grandparents when we both adore the grandkids and nurture their parents.

New Wave

As Earth’s oceans continue to decline with disastrous consequences, youth around the world are joining forces to fight pollution and influence policymakers.

Silencing Cyberbullies

A shocking 43 percent of middle-school students report being targeted by cyberbullies, but actions by students and adults can mute mean-kid attacks.

Keep Decay Away

Simple preventive measures such as xylitol lollipops, teething rings, and not licking a spoon before offering little ones food can prevent painful dental surgery for children.

The Wild and Wooly Teen Brain

Adolescent brains are wired for high emotions and thrill-seeking, which is why teens need honesty, trust and calm understanding from the adults in their lives.

Merry Munching

Holidays bring out the sweet tooth in us all and clever options make sure that kids and adults don’t go into sugar overload.

The Sensitive Child

When parents understand how to meet their child’s unique needs, children harboring extreme empathy and other emotional sensitivities can accomplish much.

Sore Throat Soothers

Salt water, lemon juice, honey and sage are some of the low-cost and highly effective ways to treat a child’s painful throat.

Raising a Music Lover

Adding an M for music to the three R’s boosts students’ self-confidence and bolsters not only their appreciation of music but also vocabulary and math skills.