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Urinary Health

Dogs and cats sometimes suffer from diseases and disorders similar to those that can trouble their owners. Watch for these warning signals and follow these preventive steps.

Everybody Outside!

A backyard is a place to grow cherished summer memories. Here’s how to create a space where everyone can safely play and coexist.

Pool Cats

Teach your cat what to do if she accidentally finds herself in the water.

Why More Offices are Going to the Dogs

Pet-friendly workplaces are on the rise as part of a shift to make more fun and fulfilling work environments.

Fitness with Fido

Man’s best friend makes a great workout companion. Try these tips for simple ways to bond and get healthy with your favorite four-legged friend.

Step Up To Good Grooming

It pays to hire pros: Getting your dog groomed can be a costly investment, but the price includes more than a fluff and cut.

Doggy Breath

Here are some at-home measures that, when combined with regular dental cleanings, will work to minimize an animal’s bad breath.

How to Keep a Dog Forever Young

To pet lovers, the disparity between human and canine life spans seems unfair. Efforts to help dogs stay healthy not only keeps them around longer, but pays dividends in also keeping them in as youthful shape as possible.

Six-legged Runs

Pet Love

These mindful tips will help bring balance to beloved animals’ lives, as well as our own.