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Breath-Taking Wisdom

Breathing with intention works to reduce stress, diminish pain and clear out mental cobwebs.

Moveable Feet

Smart strategies, from breathing deep to using poles to ditching texting, make it easier to hit the ground for wellness.

Body Ease

Unconscious physical patterns can throw our bodies out of whack and stiffen us up, but three approaches – Alexander, Feldenkrais and Trager – offer options for easier movement.

Tweet those Fitness Goals

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, we can get all the fitness buddies we need, plus lots of useful strategies.

Staying Power

A trusted trainer that knows our body and psyche can motivate us through the years by tailoring routines to our changing needs.

Walk This Way

When we kick off our shoes, our feet are soothed, stimulated and strengthened by their up-close and personal contact with the good earth.

Fitness Myths Debunked

Despite rising rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, at least a third of Americans don’t exercise at all—perhaps partly due to these persistent fitness myths.

Stand Up and Move!

Don’t give up on a New Year’s resolution to get fit and feel more healthy. Just pump out 20 minutes a day of any kind of exercise—take a brisk walk, jog, lift weights—and stop sitting so much.

Breathe Easier

Acknowledged experts offer advice on how to get the most out of every breath taken for yoga, cardio routines and strength training.

Forest Bathing

We all innately know that spending time in nature is good for our body, mind and spirit. Now, medical researchers and scientists are discovering just how powerful forest walks can be.