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Change Makers

Dedicated to improving their slice of the world, activists are energetically tackling problems that range from food waste in California to poor sanitation in Haiti to Alzheimer’s treatment in New York.

Awakening the Global Heart

People from all walks of life are joining together in innovative, heart-centered ways to address the planet’s deep-rooted problems.

The Adventure of Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing—sleeping on someone’s couch or spare bed located via member Internet postings—results in in-depth travel experiences that can’t be found in a guidebook.

Hidden Treasures

To build loving communities, we need only to locate and engage the talents right in our midst.

Sustainable Cityscapes

Forward-thinking U.S. cities are emphasizing healthy housing, friendly neighborhoods, car-free transportation, clean energy, local food and waste reduction.

It’s All About We

Replacing the “I win, you lose” paradigm is a new “Me-We” way of thinking that now informs everything from enlightened environmental stewardship to economics, as well as health and spiritual well-being.

Sharing Our World

The mindset of sharing and collaboration may be the answer to some of today’s biggest questions and challenges.

Living in Community

Living in community allows you to grow as a person and learn what you are really like, from the perspectives of others who are willing to give feedback and appreciation.

Living Art

Everywhere in the U.S., people are gathering for artful togetherness--cooking or painting, storytelling or gardening, drumming or dancing. These initiatives can transform a city or neighborhood's well-being on multiple levels.

Awakening Consciousness

Today’s technologies help us create instance communications that span continents, cross cultural barriers and bridge political divides. These forged connections weave us all together. Now, inspired organizations are deftly exploring, encouraging and researching the global awakening that accompanies them.