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Yoga for Flexibility

Practicing yoga increases the lubrication within the joints, ligaments and tendons.

Want to Relieve Joint Pain?

These days, nearly everybody “knows” that eating more fruits and vegetables, especially those dark green, leafy superfoods, are good for you, right?

The Anti-Cancer Plan

Cancer can be a very frightening word in today’s world, and with just cause, as it is a leading cause of death on our planet. We can all be making some small changes to help avoid this all-too-common problem.

Helping Horses and Humans

Nearly 70 horses have called Tierra Madre “home” over the years, and their horses have been as happy and as healthy as the sanctuary could have ever imagined.

Practitioner Spotlight

We help balance patient hormones and focus on the correct nutrition for healing through supplements, enzymes and homeopathic medicines.

Don’t Just Take Your Dog For a Walk …

The Joys of Raising an Intuitive Child

They might challenge all the social norms you are familiar with, and question authority and peers to the extent that you wonder who is right and who is wrong.

JADE—A Self-Care Technique

Save your serenity and guard your own physical well-being by using the JADE technique.

Is This Doctor Missing From Your Healthcare Team?

Three Simple Ways to Cook and Drink the Anti-Inflammatory Way

Today, many nutrition experts and MDs advocate the anti-inflammatory way of eating. I first learned about this concept in 2004 while working in branding/marketing/licensing with Dr. Andrew Weil.