Feeling Their Touch in Nature

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Many of us have long been curious about fairies, aching to see them as a child, to glimpse their world. Often, all our longing goes into wanting to see these astonishing beings, not realizing we’ve already met them.

Fairies live at the heart of creation, and daily they speak to us through our senses, setting them on fire. Know that every uplifting moment in nature—every blazing sunset that has moved us, every sprinkle of snow—is a glimpse of their healing presence, a glimpse of their world.

To enter into a profound relationship with fairies, first we must believe in them—we must make-believe. Sadly, many of us have lost access to their wisdom, their healing touch, because we’re searching for funny little beings in pink tutus.

Fairies are the heart and soul of living nature. They speak to us through beauty, as it’s a more healing language than our own. They whisper to us in the sound of the sea and the first appearance of buds in spring. We know when fairies are nearby, as we feel so alive. So hold these breathtaking moments close. Breathe them in. Ask intuitively, “What gift is here?”

To draw close to these powerful beings, we can learn to take note of every single detail when we’re in nature—even if we’re in a small park in the centre of a city or an avenue of trees on our street. Silently greet these living presences. Note their colors and scents, the shape of their flowers and leaves. Study any rocks and stones here. There’s something powerful about being seen, as all of these details draw us into connection.

Develop a relationship with trees. Discover which trees we are drawn to. Run our fingers over their bark. Note the bend and sway of their boughs. Pay attention to how they look at different times of the day, in different seasons and weather. Learn to greet these trees as we would an old friend, and only connect with them out of love, not out of neediness, as no one, not even fairies, likes needy.

Then, magically, all of this beauty and the story of each soul-stopping moment with nature’s fairy caretakers will live inside us until we no longer feel separate from the web of life. That’s when trees start to talk to us—when our soul soars to see a tiny blade of grass pushing its way up through the pavement.

Maggie Hamilton is the author of the new Hay House book, Inside the Secret Life of Fairies: Where Dreams Come True.



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