Don’t Just Take Your Dog For a Walk …

Take Your Walk For a Dog!

Walk for a Dog, by WoofTrax, is a simple, year-round fundraising app that records walks taken with a dog. It promotes healthy interaction between dogs and their owners while creating the opportunity to earn donations for thousands of animal shelters and rescues across the country. Thanks to its more than 20 million recorded walks, WoofTrax has donated and helped raise more than $350,000 for more than 5,000 animal organizations since its Walk for a Dog app launched in 2014. 

“WoofTrax was inspired by a simple concept—harnessing the energy of the millions of people walking their dog every day and turning that activity into the opportunity to earn donations for a local animal organization,” says Doug Hexter, CEO and founder of WoofTrax. “This is a way to give back in a very meaningful way simply by doing something you’re already doing with your dog. WoofTrax can motivate dog lovers to walk more with their pup.” 

In December, the company launched its new Steps for Pet Health Challenge series with a $1,000 donation, sponsored by Zoetis. Over the 60-day challenge period, dog lovers across the country took more than 175,000 walks, covering 250,000 miles—equivalent to 10 times around the Earth. The challenge was so popular, the company was inspired to create a series of challenges. During each challenge period, a grand prize donation is awarded, as well as smaller, weekly donations. 

Cindy B. and her dog, Kona Katie, of Phoenix, were the proud winners of the first WoofTrax Steps for Pet Health Challenge. The $1,000 donation went to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue, in Phoenix, the shelter where Cindy adopted Kona Katie. 

“As the popularity of these challenges continues to grow, and we continue to build our following, we’re able to offer more opportunities to make a difference for thousands of animal organizations across the country. It’s a win-win-win,” adds Hexter.

How Walk for a Dog Works

Walks of a quarter mile or more are recorded via the app and attributed to the participant’s chosen animal organization. Participant funds from each donation period are divided among shelters and rescues based on the number of people actively walking for an organization. The more active walkers per donation period, the more donations received for a chosen animal organization. The app is free to download, and joining a challenge is easy.

Eligible animal organizations can be either a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit or a city shelter that can accept donations specifically directed to shelter operations. Interested animal organizations can learn more or be listed as a beneficiary by visiting the WoofTrax website and clicking on the Shelters & Rescues page. 

Founded in 2013 and based in Easthampton, Massachusetts, WoofTrax gives dog owners the chance to earn donations for their favorite local animal organization just by walking their dog. The Walk for a Dog app is one of the most used pet-focused fitness apps in the United States. Through its Steps for Pet Health Challenge series, pet owners can sign up for a challenge and win up to $2,500 for their favorite shelter or rescue.

For more information and to download the app, visit



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