Holistic Meets High Tech at Natural Dental Partners

What thoughts come to mind when you hear the term “holistic dentist”? A high-tech dental practice may not be among them. Yet, holistic dental practices tend to be some of the most technologically advanced. Many of these practices use lasers, low-dose X-rays, as well as the latest generation of biocompatible dental materials.

Natural Dental Partners is no exception. In his quest to help his patients achieve better health, Dr. Ingo Mahn has consistently been an early adopter of many new technologies. The same was true when he opened his practice in North Phoenix.

One of the first pieces of technology you will encounter at Natural Dental Partners is the intraoral video camera used during the new-patient exam. Designed to assist in making an accurate diagnosis of dental conditions, it is also an indispensable tool for educating you about what is going on in your mouth.

The X-ray imaging equipment is also state of the art, especially the latest generation of 3D imaging. With this technology, your head and neck area can now be looked at from any angle. This allows Mahn to accurately diagnose pathology, look at your airway and sinuses, and even plan for the placement of the new zirconia (nonmetallic) dental implants. It also integrates with his CEREC computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system for complete digital planning of surgical guides and dental appliances.

In 1995, Mahn was one of the first dentists in the country to use CEREC technology. Not only does it eliminate the need for messy impressions, it also allows many restorative procedures to be completed in a single visit. Teeth that had previously been treated with crowns, can now be restored to their original strength and beauty without the aggressive removal of healthy tooth structure.

As much emphasis as Mahn places on technology, he hasn’t forgotten that it’s no substitute for building good relationships. That’s why he places special emphasis on taking the time to listen to his patients’ concerns. He also has a friendly, knowledgeable team to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible.

Dr. Ingo Mahn is a 1985 graduate of Marquette University School of Dentistry. He is the founder of Natural Dental Partners, a practice with the goal of helping patients achieve optimal health through better oral health. Author of Your Mouth, the Missing Link to Optimal Health, he also gives frequent live lectures. For more information about his practice, as well as the new patient “Gift of Health” offer, visit MyNaturalDentist.com.



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