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Start the New Year Off Right

The recipes are your guide to having fun in your kitchen creating new desserts with and for your family and friends.

Get Earthed!

Earthing has been touted as a cure for everything from jet lag and arthritis to cancer.

The Salt Chalet Arizona

The ancient Dead Sea, in the Middle East, has a long and storied history as a mecca for health seekers who immerse themselves in the salty atmosphere.

Dreaming Your 2019:

So, what if there were a better way to ensure that goals would be met? What if instead of setting a resolution, setting an intention could better serve the desired outcome and process?

Sanctuary Abode:

Home is the foundation from which people draw their strength and tranquility.

Feeling Lost? Look for Spiritual Direction

We can travel the country and even the globe with a GPS, but there’s no navigation system for life.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Any problem with a man’s ability to achieve an erection can be a huge blow to his self-esteem.

Holistic Meets High Tech at Natural Dental Partners

In his quest to help his patients achieve better health, Dr. Ingo Mahn has consistently been an early adopter of many new technologies.

7 Simple Steps to Add a Few Delicious Plant-Based Dishes to Your Thanksgiving Meal

Enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with your family and friends, and have fun creating some beautiful plant-based dishes to add to your meal.

Post-Summer Body Reset