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Advertiser Instructions to Add Events

If you are a current display advertiser who has free events included in your agreement, please use the following instructions to submit events to for your print (and online) events. There are corresponding numbered images attached as a visual aid.

1. Create an account if you are a new advertiser and/or don’t have an account yet, or login to account. At the very bottom of screen there is a menu that has Login/Join.

 2. From this same menu at the bottom of the screen, click arrow for the person icon and choose My Profile.

NOTE: There are a number of ways to add a new event, but if you go into My Profile you see all your events under the My Events tab (and other items you add over time under the different tabs). Going in this way allows you to look at and edit events as well as add new ones.

 3. You will see a number of tabs across the top of your profile. Click on My Events. This will show all the events that you have entered, and you can edit them from here. You can also click on the green box Add New Event, and follow the next steps.

4. Create your new event.

5. Once you’ve created your event, at the bottom of the page you’ll see payment options (Free Online Event/Featured Online Event/Print/Online Event/Mark Your Calendar). Choose Print/Online Event – you’ll see an instruction for CURRENT ADVERTISERS in the box for this option. Click the blue box Select.

IMPORTANT: Do not choose the first option – Free Online Event – or your event will not show up in the print magazine.

 6. Once you’ve selected the box Print/Online Event, you’ll go to a page Complete Your Order. You will have to put your description for your event in again. This is important because it’s what goes in the print magazine. It cannot be over 50 words or you will get a warning in red that will show how many words you are over (this word count is right below the description box).

IMPORTANT: if you copy and paste your description, please hit return or add a space after the pasted text to activate the word count (this is a glitch that should be fixed at some point).



 7. Once your description is done and you are 50 words or under, you scroll past where you see Review Your Order and the box Print/Online Event with the instructions, and then you’ll see $20 base plan Order Total: $20, then a line that shows you how many free items you have available. Click the box beside Apply to this order.

 8. Once you click that box, the credit card prompt will disappear and you click the green box Complete Order.

IMPORTANT: You must click green box Complete Order for your event to be included in the print magazine. Otherwise, it will be ONLINE ONLY. If the green box Complete Order is greyed out and you can’t click on it, this means you have too many words in your description above. Reduce the word count to 50 or less and you should be able to click on the green box Compete Order.


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