Discover Western Mystical Secrets with David Goddard

British scholar, author and spiritual teacher David Goddard will offer an empowering weekend retreat on Western Mystical Secrets, known as green ray magic, at the Shrine of Holy Wisdom, in Tempe, May 4 through 6. Attendees will receive instruction and participate in both the high ceremonials of the sanctuary and the nature-centered ways of power; make authentic connections with the sacred beings—angels, nature spirits and devas, inner teachers and power totems; and learn how to walk before the gods and how to sing for Mother Earth. The class fee is $375.

Goddard is an initiated adept and lineage holder of the Western esoteric tradition trained in the Qabalah, the hermetic arts, angelic theurgy, and the Celtic wisdom of Britain. In addition to the weekend retreat, he will be giving a free talk at the Shrine of Holy Wisdom on the “inner side” of nature—Communing with Nature Spirits—Thursday, May 3, at 7 p.m. And May 7 through 12, at the same location, Goddard will be offering Initiation of the Gnostic Christ: Building the Mystic Temple, and a rarely given Empowerment of the Archangel Uriel.

Location: 5025 S. Ash Ave., Ste. B-15, Tempe. For times, dates and prices, visit To reserve a place for any of these events, contact Father Jorge Eagar at 480-219-9633 or



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