Relax and Heal in a Soothing Salt Chamber

Pavel Gershkovich, CHP, CRP, PMP, owner and president of Salt Chalet Arizona, and president of Arizona Leech Therapy and Pain Elimination Therapy, states: “One salt therapy treatment session lasts 45 minutes, and depending on the condition, five to 15 sessions are recommended. There are no limits on the number of sessions one can take because halotherapy [salt therapy] is a treatment with no side effects. There is also no age limit. Very small children have shorter sessions with lower salt concentration.”

Gershkovich relates: “The biggest opportunity in starting the Salt Chalet was to improve my own health because I have terrible asthma, allergies and sinus issues. Salt therapy helped me address these issues, and now I feel great about helping others feel better.”  

The idea for Salt Chalet was inspired by a mother of two children who suffered from severe respiratory ailments. The mother described countless sleepless nights with the children and frequent visits to the emergency room. The family’s life revolved around the children’s conditions. Doctors tried every possible treatment known to Western medicine, and even suggested an experimental and risky surgery.

Desperate, the mother began researching alternative treatments, and after months of research, stumbled upon a salt room. During the second treatment session, her oldest child, who suffered from the most severe problems, fell asleep in the chair, breathing softly and regularly; something he had not done in years. After several more sessions, both children showed dramatic, and in her words, miraculous improvements. After hearing this story, Gershkovich felt inspired to bring this remarkable therapy to children and adults suffering on a daily basis.

General practitioners, family doctors, otorhinolaryngologists and allergologists also send patients to a salt therapy room. Patients sit in relaxed positions on the comfortable deck chairs. Calming, diffused light and ambient music help patients enter into a relaxed state. Kids can play with the salt as if they were in a sandbox.

“Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people who have resigned themselves to living a life filled with daily discomfort, pain, uneasiness and hardship,” says Gershkovich. “Salt Chalet Arizona offers a healthy, natural and safe alternative to steroids, drugs and other invasive medicines.”

The Salt Chalet Arizona is located at 5011 N. Granite Reef Rd., in Scottsdale. For appointments, call 480-621-6041. For more information, visit



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