Change Old Brain Habits with Hypnotherapy

Teja Shankara, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and fibromyalgia specialist, will facilitate a Self-Hypnosis Workshop from 2 to 5 p.m., January 14, at the Floating Lotus Yoga Studio and Natural Healing Center, in Mesa. The theme for January is Creating Happiness Pathways in Your Brain and Boosting Your Self-Confidence for the New Year.

“Anxiety has been called a ‘habit in the brain’, which is capable of changing in response to new experiences. Old patterns are like a ‘habit road’ that’s been traveled so often it’s grown very wide and thick, and that is exactly what is happening in the brain: the neuropathways strengthen and thicken with repetitive use,” says Shankara. “Old brain patterns and habits can be changed to help reduce anxiety, transform negative self-talk, manage chronic pain and improve sleep.”

At Shankara’s Self-Hypnosis Workshop, participants learn how to put up roadblocks to get themselves traveling down some new roads by creating new neuropathways in the brain.

Cost is $25 in advance; $30 at the door; includes handouts. Location: 202 W. Main St., Mesa. To sign up in advance, call 480-553-3122 or email For more information, visit

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