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Mother Nature really does help us heal. Evidence is accumulating that earthing, or simply standing barefoot on grass, dirt or sand, is a natural and effective way to bring the body into balance. Earthing has been touted as a cure for everything from jet lag and arthritis to cancer.

The process is so simple, experts say, that many people overlook it.

How does earthing work? Our planet’s surface is an electromagnetic field, and we are electrical beings. The problem arises with our lifestyle. Technology, including microwaves, cellphones, computers and other devices, disrupt the body’s electrical energy. Our footwear is also to blame. Most of us spend our days in rubber soled shoes, which effectively block beneficial energy from the earth. It’s similar to unplugging from an outlet. When we disconnect from Mother Earth, our electrical systems run down and decay, leading to disease. Restoring by direct contact with the earth’s electrical field works to ‘reboot’ the body.

Sally Conrad is a yoga instructor based in Cornville who combines earthing with asanas in her yoga classes. Sally grew up on a farm next to the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, and was deeply imbedded with Native American rituals, including a reverence for the earth’s healing power. Her classes are filled with students who are recovering from surgery or illness. She notes that the overwhelming majority report a lessening of symptoms after earthing. “They always feel better,” she says. “I call it Vitamin N for Nature.” Sally, herself a cancer survivor, is a devotee of earthing, with a pesticide free grass patch in her backyard devoted to the purpose. She credits this practice, along with a healthy diet, for keeping her medication – and cancer – free.

While some scientists scoff at the theory that reconnecting with the earth is enough to cure illness, there are many medical professionals who are staunch believers. Robert Zarr, MD, a physician based in Washington, DC, writes ‘park prescriptions’ for his patients. He’s also created a database of urban parks in the DC area as a guide for the ‘Nature cure.’

While research is ongoing, one thing is certain. The earth may very well be the answer for what ails you.

Want to Learn More? Read the book: Earthing – The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! – Clinton Ober, et al

Earthing and yoga classes: Sedona Wellness Retreat,

Claire Rabe has written for the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Business Journal, Phoenix Magazine and many other print and online sources. She has written a book on autoimmune health, a popular Arizona restaurant guide, and an ebook on journaling for caregivers. Claire teaches writing workshops to students age eight to 80. Visit her at



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