Alternative Cancer Treatment Center is On The Move

Dayspring Cancer Clinic, owned and operated by Dr. Andrew Dickens, NMD, has moved to a new location at 2401 North Hayden Road, Suite 114, in Scottsdale. He states, “We utilize many well-known and also some not-so-well-known, cutting-edge alternative cancer treatments. Besides our metabolic treatments, one focus is on immune-boosting cancer treatment. If the immune system is functioning correctly, then the body’s own defense mechanism is brought to bear against the cancer. There are a number of natural cancer treatment ways of doing this without risking the danger and expense of patented medicines.”

Dayspring offers metabolic cancer treatments such as a ketogenic diet, oxygenation therapies and a unique 3-bromopyruvate (3-bp) metabolic treatment. The clinic seeks to find the cause of why the cancer has appeared, rather than merely treating symptoms. It may be a low thyroid not picked up by a blood test, dental issues, emotional blockages, heavy metals or scars that are driving the cancer process.

Dickens has been a naturopathic physician since 2008, after graduating from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe.

For appointments or more information, call 480-699-7400.

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