The Third Edition of Common Southwestern Native Plants Is Now Available

The Colorado Native Plant Society (CoNPS) has published the third edition of Common Southwestern Native Plants, by Jack Carter, Martha Carter, Donna Stevens and Jennifer Bousselot. This identification guide has been revised and expanded to include nearly 200 plants native to the southwestern United States, with a primary focus on the most common plants of the lower elevations of the Four Corners states.

It is an ideal book for beginning hikers and experienced plant lovers alike. Jack Carter accurately points out that it is so colorful (thanks to several CoNPS photographers!) and well formatted that it can be used as a coffee table book. The Carters have generously donated the book to CoNPS, and the Terra Foundation paid for publishing so the proceeds will benefit CoNPS.

Individual books can be purchased for $25 plus shipping through the online CoNPS Bookstore at!form/StorePlantBooks/5afc3817f033bf315d7b23d5. Wholesale orders ($12 each in multiples of five or a case of 16) can be made by contacting Jennifer Bousselot at For more information about the Colorado Native Plant Society, visit For those interested in becoming more involved with Arizona’s native plants, visit


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