Mobile Service for Active Isolated Stretching Available in Phoenix

Phoenix fitness specialist Damian Motlo is offering a mobile service to bring Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) to individuals at home or work. He states, “AIS therapy is unlike traditional warm-up exercises used prior to a workout. It allows the body to become more flexible and mobile by improving one’s overall range of motion and works more quickly than other forms of stretching. Having increased mobility can also positively impact athletic performance.”

Motlo believes that AIS helps facilitate blood flow and oxygenation in the muscles using gentle and rhythmic movements. His mobile service provides the innovative therapy throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

AIS sessions are typically one hour in length and participants should be comfortably clothed. Stretching can begin from a massage table or a chair. Motlo offers single sessions or packages for a reduced rate. Office visits are also available as part of corporate wellness programs. Free initial consultations are available.

Damian Motlo is a stretch therapist and nationally certified personal trainer. For appointments, call 480-452-2578. For more information, visit

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