Healing With Feeling

Dr. Kimberly Landino, a naturopathic doctor, likes to listen to patients tell their health story and spends more than an hour with them on their initial visit. She empowers them and offers choices of health treatment, so that they feel connected with their health care. She was named the Natural Choice Awards winner for Acupuncture in 2010 by Natural Awakenings magazine.

Landino reminds them that they are their own healer, that within them is the source of all of their answers and their true healing happens from within. At her practice, the Harmonic Healing Center, the doctor guides her patients by offering nutrition consulting, supplements, including vitamins and minerals, herbal medicine, acupuncture, energy healing, chakra balancing, cleansing, lifestyle changes and prevention. Her unique acupuncture healing treatment uses flower essences, essential oils, color therapy and energy healing. In addition, three complete cleansing packages are available.

Location: 2226 S. Rural Rd., Tempe. For more information, call 480-921-9530 or visit DrKimberlyLandino.com.

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