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A Guide to Self Healing: Embracing the light within each of us

Jul 04, 2011 09:05AM ● By By Kasia Stefania

Everyone at some point in their lives searches for what has often been described as “the meaning and purpose of one’s own existence”. As humans, we are molded since birth and our formative years to live the kind of lives designed for us by others. A sense that we must adhere to what is and what is not acceptable by family, religious teachings, our employers, or society can prove to be quite stressful.

In some instances, there may have been outside forces, such as a loss of a loved one or other dramatic events, that shaped our path. Unfortunately we are like sponges and tend to take on such impositions and adapt them into our personal grid.

More often than not, the results can be detrimental. It does not happen overnight, of course. Confusion, anxiety, depression and mental anguish have a way of creeping into our lives slowly and almost undetectably. We go on with our daily routines, trying our best to do the right thing and live happy lives, yet pain and sadness lurk in the shadows of our soul.

Years can go by before we realize that we have been living a life of great emotional, and at times, physical pain – a life not our own. Unfortunately by then, some are either sedated or self medicated.

Endless questions haunt our heart and mind. Who am I? What is my purpose or my true calling? Am I deserving of a happy life or glutton for punishment?

It’s time to do much self healing now and release that unnecessary emotional baggage you’ve been carrying for what seems like a lifetime.

Amongst those are relationship issues, be it business or of a personal nature with those not worthy of your energy and attention, as well as establishing good health habits and perseverance toward your ultimate personal goals.

Make a commitment to yourself today. Take the time to clearly identify what it is that you truly desire from this point onward. Whether it’s optimum health, love, financial abundance or success, you can have it all. Be specific; be honest and true to yourself. It’s the what, who, when and how that make up this clarity. Only you can define these for yourself.

Letting go of the rules, restrictions, worries, stresses and pain of every kind, takes effort and desire, but most importantly courage. Walk proudly and steadily toward the exhilarating freedom to love yourself unconditionally.

When it comes to romantic relationships, understand that the meaning of true intimacy is where friendship, passion, love and pleasure do not have to translate into something that weighs us down, but elevates us to a much higher level of consciousness.

Represent commitment of the highest level. The love within you is of the purest kind. In your heart, there need not be any restrictions or limitations. Allow yourself to be the expressive, creative, wonderful free being you were born to be.

That is the light, the light which guides and defines the very core of our life’s purpose. It is our gift from the universe.

Kasia Stefania is an Ascended Master Healer, writer, speaker, and Reiki Master Teacher. She is currently teaching Reiki Certification Classes in Phoenix. Learn more at

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