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Optimize Your Brain

Brain State Technologies offers a proprietary, breakthrough, non-invasive, non-medication neuro-technology program for equalizing imbalances in the brain, called Brainwave Optimization. More than 40,000 people worldwide have achieved results using this holistic process of meditation, visualization, ambient sound and interactive tones, and Brain State Technologies is offering a $99 assessment for people seeking to begin a program.

Lee Gerdes, founder and CEO, believes, "By optimizing our brain, we optimize our entire life. The answer isn't outside us, but within us. It's the natural tranquility of the brain when it's connected to its source of universal consciousness that alone can free us, and it's this that Brainwave Optimization can enable us to tap into."

Once an imbalance in the brain is harmonized, many clients experience relief from injuries, ailments, stress, pain, fatigue, sleeplessness and difficulty with memory and focus. This method has also shown improvement with advanced disorders such as ADD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, migraines, addictions and mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

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