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Directional Non-Force Technique as an Alternative to Chiropractic : Using a minimal amount of force in a specific area can effectively correct back issues, says Tempe's Dr. Harlan Sparer

May 01, 2012 10:42AM ● By By Dr. Harlan Sparer

Dr. Harlan Sparer

Directional Non-Force Technique, or DNFT, is an alternative effective chiropractic approach to many health problems. It was founded and developed by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt more than 75 years ago, when he discovered that using a minimal amount of force in an extremely specific area was the most effective way of correcting a subluxation (misalignment).

Van Rumpt experimented with an extremely accurate method of analyzing the body’s ability to respond to stimuli through a reflex present at the feet, perfecting it in the 1930s. Essentially, the reactive leg reflex is the indicator that directs the DNFT chiropractor to the vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs or organs requiring DNFT adjustment. This reflex also indicates the direction(s) of correction.

A DNFT chiropractor will place specially designed shoes on the patient’s feet to assist in eliciting a viewing of a reactive leg reflex. By turning the heels in a specific way, a reflex is elicited, causing one of the legs to temporarily pull up or shorten in apparent length. When an area in question is gently touched or challenged and the reactive leg reflex is elicited, this directs the DNFT chiropractor to make a correction of the area in question. Further challenging indicates the exact direction of the correction indicated for the DNFT thrust.

The DNFT thrust was refined from the upper cervical specific technique of Dr. Al Wernsing. It consists of a gentle, but penetrating thrust (low velocity, high amplitude) in a specific direction, utilizing both thumbs. It does not involve any pulling, twisting or joint noise. The DNFT thrust is gentle and non-traumatic, facilitating the holding ability of the adjustment and usually taking a few treatments, providing the patient follows basic commonsense guidelines.

Dr. Harlan Sparer is a DNFT chiropractor who practices from his home office, in Tempe. He can be reached at 480-245-7894 or via e-mail at [email protected]. After taking 67 seminars, he limits his practice to DNFT. For more information, visit or