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Accentuate the Positive Every Day

Jul 01, 2012 08:03AM ● By By Lisa DeChiara

The 1940s Johnny Mercer song, Accentuate the Positive, brings a great message. The lyrics tell us to look for the positive aspects of life, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative and don't mess with “Mister In-between.” It goes on to prompt: “You've got to spread joy up to the maximum, bring gloom down to the minimum. Have faith, or pandemonium is liable to walk upon the scene.”

Our every thought creates both a chemical change in the body and an electrical change in the nervous system. Thoughts contribute to a person’s energy level, pain threshold, ability to accomplish goals and the health of personal relationships.

To make up for perhaps a lifetime of negative thoughts, just wearing a smile might not be enough. If we change only our thoughts and don’t allow those changes to seep into our actions, we are not likely to accomplish a real change in our lives or ourselves. We cannot sit on the couch and think, “I will exercise every day,” and see a better outcome in our physical health if we never get off of the couch and do something that proves we exercise every day. Otherwise, it is wishful thinking.

Get off of the couch, into some sneakers and out the front door. Now think, “I walk every day for exercise and pleasure.” Tomorrow, do the same and again the next day. This will result in walking farther and farther, until walking every day becomes an enjoyable habit.

Is it really necessary to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative? Absolutely, but not without taking action, first.

Lisa DeChiara is a confidence and empowerment coach helping adults build the confidence they need to create the successful life they want. Sign up for her Confidence & Empowerment newsletter at or email [email protected].

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