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Cataract Eye Drops For Pets

Many people love their pets as part of their family, and one of their biggest health concerns is gradual vision impairment due to cataracts of the eye. Now there is hope with natural Vision Clarity Eye Drops for cataracts and other eye ailments, which contain 1 percent of the active ingredient N-acetylcarnosine.

Used both by people and pets to dissolve cataracts and improve vision, Vision Clarity Eye Drops are an affordable, safe and natural approach with an eight-year track record of success.

Results in several clinical trials were very impressive with canines and no negative side effects were observed. The studies found improved visual behavior of the animals within weeks of treatment. Cataract reversal starts from the periphery of the cataract, followed by increased transparency of the lens, and 96 percent of canine eyes treated with N-acetylcarnosine eye drops showed notable improvements.

Dosage is important, using one drop at four different times throughout the day, with initial results in about eight weeks and continued improvement even after six months. Discuss the use of Vision Clarity Eye Drops with a veterinarian or doctor.

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