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Healing from Cancer Naturally with OxyMed: Learn the benefits of combination therapies, from Dr. Charles Schwengel

Aug 01, 2012 02:46PM ● By Charles Schwengel, DO, DO(H)

Our bodies are naturally designed to live in balance and harmony with our environment and with other people around us. When cancer develops, it’s a signal that something is out of balance in some aspect of our lives. Part of that imbalance likely includes an accumulation of toxins, insufficient nutrition or some form of stress that we carry around, dominating our thinking, beliefs and emotions.

Our bodies need trillions of cells to make energy to live, move our muscles, digest our food and make our hormones. Healthy cells make abundant amounts of energy from foods we eat as it transforms into sugar in the blood stream. The process by which blood sugar is converted by normal healthy cells into energy is called oxidative respiration, using oxygen from the air that we breathe, and it is an efficient mechanism to produce energy from every molecule of blood sugar.

OxyMed represents a combination of therapies that work together to support and enhance the process of making energy that healthy cells use. It increases the natural, energy-producing oxidative process, while putting stress on cancer cells, making them easier to eliminate and clean up using targeted therapies such as insulin-potentiated therapy.

There are many forms of therapies that increase the natural ability of the body to use blood sugar for fuel using oxygen to convert fuel to energy, and they all qualify as OxyMed therapies. These include the use of intravenous vitamin C, chelation therapy, ozone, ultraviolet light, minerals such as calcium and cesium, whole-food nutritional medicines and homeopathic medicines. OxyMed is non-toxic, improves the immune system and comprises a safe form of treatment.

Charles Schwengel, DO, DO(H), is licensed as an osteopathic physician and surgeon in Arizona and New Mexico and a homeopathic medical doctor in Arizona. Medicine of HOPE is located at 3295 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Ste. 14, in Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-668-1448 or visit

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