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Non-Pharmaceutical, Non-Surgical Pain Elimination in Scottsdale

Dr. Bryan Craig Siegel, owner of the North Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness Center, is on a mission to offer the most effective pain elimination program for his patients with some of the most advanced non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, FDA-cleared procedures for relieving and eliminating acute and chronic pain. To make his unique approach available for more people to try, Siegel is offering a $49 introductory special that includes a free consultation, evaluation and an introductory pain elimination treatment.

Because the clinic's biofeedback center utilizes broader band quantum frequencies that essentially teach the brain how to fix problems deep inside the body, Siegel's patients report emotional stresses falling away after their biofeedback sessions, along with better sleep, digestion and daily stress management.

Siegel states enthusiastically, "When we activate the central nervous system with quantum frequencies, the brain starts to regulate the body chemistry at a much more effective level. You see, it's within the brain's power to produce and release all of the natural chemicals into the body at the right time and place and without any negative side effects, which bad diet, chronic stress, prescription drugs and other aspects of stressful living tend to suppress."

The doctor notes that one type of pain problem in particular is on the rise: peripheral neuropathy, an area in which he specializes. There are many symptoms of PN, which is essentially damage to the peripheral nerve system. Some PN sufferers describe it as wearing an invisible “sock” of pins and needles, burning pain or extreme touch sensitivity. Others report the sensation of walking on broken glass or thumbtacks.

Location: 8595 E. Bell Rd., Ste. D101, Scottsdale. Contact Dr. Siegel at 480-219-0625. For more information and to read The 4 Secrets of Pain, visit

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