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Achieving Expanded Consciousness Through Creativity: Watercolor artist and teacher Allura Westly reveals the importance of using our creativity

Sep 03, 2012 05:43PM ● By Allura Westly

Creativity is simply the exercise of imagination. Remember what it was to be a child on a boring day when nothing was going on. What did you do, go within? You engaged your imagination in some way to make-believe, pretend and create an imaginary inner world, a form of play in which you were the star and all your desires were instantly gratified through the power of thought, giving hours of unending delight.

Many people have suppressed this facility in the process of becoming adults. We were taught to value logic and reason over creative imagination. While it is true that logic can take us from point A to point B, the creative mind charts a fantastic journey that can go anywhere.

Creative endeavors involve a willingness to explore unknown worlds and require setting fear aside and courageously venturing forth into unfamiliar territory, breaking through all the barriers of “What if I do it wrong?” or “I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

Fear is always about the future, so stepping outside of fear means fully embracing the present. When we concentrate on the moment, fear vanishes, opening a space for inspiration to flow. Powerful new thoughts enter, opening the doors of perception and possibility. Artists create images by interacting with paint, canvas or paper; the magic of blending color and form brings their vision to life. Musicians use sound to create emotional landscapes and writers paint pictures with words.

The use of creative imagination is not limited to the arts. It can be found in every human endeavor. We would not have the technological innovations we are currently enjoying without it. All creativity requires is the daring to step outside the known, to take the risk of failing and to be open to the unexpected. Many great discoveries were the result of “accidents,” after all.

While the act of creation may sometimes be challenging, it often brings with it joy and bliss; a relief from the mundane fears and concerns of life and entry into the magical. When the creator is completely immersed in the act of creation, time disappears. A connection is made that at times can be mystical, taking us beyond our self-imposed limitations.

Daring to step into this space changes one forever. Expanding consciousness to embrace our potential is exhilarating and empowering. Looking inside for the creative gift we bring with us to life will make our lives an adventure of joyous exploration.

Allura Westly is a watercolor artist and teacher in Phoenix. Westly’s works of art can be seen at On The Edge Gallery, in Scottsdale. View her portfolio at

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