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Community Spotlight: A Voice for Natural Healing: Scottsdale's Paul Stallone, NMD, shares his vision for providing quality, natural care for disease management and prevention

How is your practice different?

We take the time to really listen. Most patients are with their physician for a very short period of time. There’s not much you can learn about someone in a designated period of time. I think what really sets my practice apart from the rest is I’ve been trained in several different schools of medicine, from naturopathic to conventional, homeopathic and alternative. If you’re treating the entire person and truly doing holistic medicine, then as a physician, you need to learn how to put the whole treatment plan together.

What is the Arizona Integrative Medical Center?

We blend naturopathic and conventional medicine, hence the name “integrative.” While I am a naturopathic doctor, in Arizona we are trained to combine conventional medicine by integrating the two, so that patients benefit from both. My first approach is to use naturopathic treatment, and then apply conventional medicine when needed.

Who benefits from your care?

I see all types of patients, from those with the common cold to high-stage cancer. The AIM Center focuses on ailments such as fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer, joint therapy, preventative and functional medicine and hormone replacement, just to name a few. There is no such thing as a typical patient, but if someone is open-minded to making correct changes for their health and they are willing to do what it takes, then we see great results. I’m not just a doctor telling someone what to do. I am more of a facilitator. I give the patient education and tools to heal themselves. The patients willing to do that are the ones who benefit most from treatment.

What are some common treatments that you offer?

We are doing a lot of treatments using the oxidative therapies, which includes intravenous vitamin C, ozone and hydrogen peroxide for chronic diseases. People are looking for solutions beyond just what the big pharmaceutical companies offer. Not only are alternative treatments popular, there’s a lot of research behind them, like oxygen ozone therapy and intravenous major auto-hemo therapy.

We’re also getting wonderful results from regenerative joint therapy (RJT) and Prolozone, also known as Prolotherapy, which is used to treat joint injuries and strains found in cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Such injuries are common and can lead to arthritis or joint diseases.

What results are you achieving with cancer patients?

Although I work in treating all forms of cancer, I’ve been working recently with six patients with colon cancer. All were in the red or “worry” zone, and they are now all in remission with our treatment plan. Each plan is different, of course, uniquely created for each patient.

What is the Advanced Skin Solutions medical aesthetics spa?

We offer alternatives to traditional surgeries and other procedures that help to bring youth and health to an individual’s appearance. I make this statement rather broadly, because everyone is looking for something different, whether it’s getting rid of wrinkles, improving asymmetrical features or increasing volume for a better appearance and healthier self-image.

When people feel good on the inside, they want to feel good on the outside. I’ve been asked by many patients to provide external treatment, as well. I’m also the one who performs all of the aesthetic injections and treatment. Any kind of injection is a still a medical procedure. While there are many well-trained professionals, a physician is the best qualified to administer the injections.

What kind of results do your patients generally receive?

We receive a lot of positive feedback about our patients’ results. Many patients come to us knowing what they want the end result to be; ultimately, improvement in their appearance. I map out their options according to their goals. We help them achieve wrinkle reduction, volume addition and improved texture of the skin, in the face and hands, too. I usually recommend to start slow. A leisurely approach assists patients in achieving an improvement they’re comfortable with.

What’s new at the Arizona Integrative Medical Center?

We are seeing wonderful results with patients with higher-stage cancer and getting good feedback from the many patients that we’ve been treating earlier in the year with different joint problems.

Quite a few patients have been seeing us for weight loss, and many have met their goals. Per many requests, we are also offering organic spray tans using an all-organic solution. We’re featuring organic cold-pressed skin treatments, such as for healing the skin, and a new line of homemade topical applications for skin treatments and overall moisture

Plus, I’m offering several different immune-balancing treatments, providing nutrients for those in the fight with cancer and other chronic diseases.

The Arizona Integrative Medical Center is located at 8144 E. Cactus Rd., Ste. 820, in Scottsdale. For more information, call 480-214-3922 or visit

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