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New Classes from Dr. Novakova

Oct 01, 2012 07:59PM

Dr. Katka Novakova, M.D. (Czech), ND, is a medical doctor and a naturopathic physician who loves to educate, inspire and empower people on their personal healing journey. Now she is offering a monthly class series called The Energy of Illness.

Her focus is on helping others understand the importance of connecting physical healing with healing on the mental and emotional level, saying, “Our bodies are made of energy. The flow of energy will be more open and free-flowing in a healthy body and more stagnant and blocked in a diseased body.”

In the Energy of Illness series, she focuses not only on physiology, and what supplements and foods are key for each organ and organ system, but also incorporates the energetic aspect, looking at healing from a bigger picture perspective.

Novakova states, “I don't see illness as being broken, I see it as the human body being pushed out of balance and needing help redirecting its resources. Mental, emotional and spiritual aspects play a big role in creating blockages, and thus in overall physical healing.”

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