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New Store Carries Buddhist-Related Merchandise

Nov 04, 2012 11:44AM

Buddha by the Sea is a retail store providing products specific to the practice of Buddhism, with an emphasis on Tibetan Buddhism. They provide products that come from the exiled Tibetan community to help create a greater awareness of the plight of Tibetans in exile.

The store sells statues, prayer wheels and flags, phurbas, meditation mats, thangkas, metal and crystal singing bowls, incense, books and CDs. Apparel includes traditional Tibetan jewelry, crystals, stones and a selection of clothing that emphasizes traditional Tibetan and Himalayan styles.

One of the key passions of Buddha by the Sea is the support and promotion of Tibetan medicine, with a lineage and practices dating to the third century, based upon using natural, organic herbs and techniques to create a balanced and healthy individual.

Buddha by the Sea carries the Sorig line of teas, tonics and beauty products that include lotions, massage oil and shampoo, formulated to harmonize energy and protect and increase the vitality of the skin.

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